The apron is the area of concrete or asphalt that extends two to six feet out from the front of the garage. There are many homes in the twin cities area that are in need of an apron replacement. Sunken concrete or asphalt where the driveway meets the garage floor is a problem that can cause damage to the foundation. Driveway Repair Inc. specializes in small asphalt and concrete repairs giving special attention to any foundation damage that may have already occurred.

Many customers may choose concrete for their apron because of the look or durability of concrete. Asphalt is an affordable alternative. Other advantages to asphalt are:
– quicker completion time.
– Shorter cure process, allowing you to drive on it much sooner.
– Darker color to encourage ice and snow melting.
– Holds up to salt better.

Whether you choose asphalt or concrete, your apron will be removed first. Next, your foundation will be inspected and if it needs attention, will be permanently repaired. We carefully make sure to repair all voids, which prevents water intrusion and further damage. When this repair is made, it will last the lifetime of your home. Your driveway or apron may be replaced again someday and you will be saved the expense of repairing the foundation ever again. Repairing the foundation, also prevents further settling and erosion of your driveway.

Concrete section is called an apron, which is right outside your garage.

Concrete section is called an apron, which is right outside your garage.

This area of your driveway is particularly susceptible to damage from salt or other ice-melting products. Even if these kinds of products aren’t used, it still collects on your vehicle when driving on roads, where it then drips off onto your garage floor and flows down into the apron. To prevent this, we ask our customers who choose concrete, to not apply salts or chlorides to their new apron during the first winter. Instead, sand is something that can be used freely. Applying a sealer in the fall is good to help keep harmful chemicals from penetrating the surface.
Driveway Repair Inc. is a Minnesota licensed contractor and  has the experience needed to make these repairs, or installs.